Writing online for many is a dream job. Meanwhile, for some, it may only be for extra income. For me, personally, getting to do something I love the most with the luxury to do it at home can’t get any better. I get to make money while at the same time spend enough time with my family. However, sometimes we may become too naive in pursuing our dream job. Hence, many cons out there see it as an opportunity and takes advantage of it. So, what mistakes did I do that lead me to become a victim of online writing scams?


Nothing good comes easy

I’ve applied for so many writing jobs online. So, I can tell you that getting a legit writing gig is pretty damn difficult. Through my journey, I’ve learned that it’s meant to be that way. Legit employers want legit writers. Therefore, my suggestion is that if you come upon a writing job that’s just to easy to be true. Stay away from it! It all started when I applied for article writing jobs via freelancer.com. Believe it or not, I got accepted for over 50% of my bids. It all seemed to easy. I hardly went through a test. In other words, the process was just too simple. To be honest, I felt good about myself. Nevertheless, this was the beginning of this disastrous experience of mine.

No review about the employer

Although I was naive, I still did some checks on the employer. One thing I noticed was that the employer had no reviews on the platform. As a result, I was wary. However, I decided to take the chance. Inside my head, I thought that it’s impossible for new members of a certain platform to have reviews. In a way, I just stayed positive. Mainly because I was so hungry to get a writing job. In short, I was blinded by my own desire. But that wasn’t the only reason.

High Payment: Red Flag Warning!

Yes, another reason I accepted the job was because of the payment. Quite clearly, the fake employer offered a good darn pay. Hence, I didn’t think twice. In the middle stage of my journey writing for the cons, I went through writing services websites. From there I learned that my pay was at the elite level. My rate was two to three times of beginner and intermediate writers. Therefore, my suggestion is for everyone to check on writing services rates and make sense of the pay offered by employers. That’s a thumb rule. However, my mistakes didn’t stop there.

Don’t let those cons take you out of the platform

This is probably the biggest mistake I made. Also, because of this mistake, there’s no reason for me to blame platforms or websites. I remembered all the fraudsters asked me to add them on Skype. So, I admit they took me out of the platform. And, my advice is to stay on the platform. Platforms like Freelancer provides us a safe environment to interact and make transactions with employers. Therefore, we should never think too negatively of them. Instead, we should be grateful to them.

Other important tips to save yourselves from online writing scams

You can use the discussions above to prevent yourselves from online writing scams. Here are additional tips that I’d love to share based on my own experience:

  • Make sure the employer uses a business email. Also, make sure it represents the company’s website. For example, xxx@dedicatedit.com instead of xxx@dedicated-it.com.
  • If you have the employer’s email, do a google search using the email. Also, it’d be good to add the word “scam”, for example, on your google search.
  • Ask the employer to provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA. However, if you stay within the platform, it’s not necessary.


Share your online writing scam experiences to help others

I find no shame in sharing this experience. I’m actually grateful and thankful. My aim here is to make sure that there are no other victims like me. I learned that a good writer is a person who has sympathy, empathy and cares about others. Therefore, if you have any tips or any experience like mine, please share it by commenting here. We’d love to hear from you. On the next episode, we’re going to share with you how much you can earn as an online writer. Until next time!

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